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Book Cover: Cleaning for Health

Cleaning for Health: Products and Practices for a Safer Indoor Environment

August 2002

Alicia Culver, Marian Feinberg, David Klebenov, Judy Muskinow, Lara Sutherland
(86 pp.) ISBN 0-918780-79-9

Toxic chemicals found in many cleaning products can jeopardize the health of janitorial workers and other building occupants. Several states and local governments have found that switching to “greener cleaners” has improved indoor air quality, reduced complaints among janitorial staff and even saved them money. This report is a one-stop guide to environmentally preferable cleaning products and methods that have been effectively used in office buildings, schools, hospitals and other facilities in the United States and Canada. It describes pioneering product evaluation programs and lists the brands that were chosen based on environmental and performance criteria. It also provides a model specification, as well as manufacturer contacts and other resources for those who want to develop a safer cleaning program for their buildings.

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