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Community Waste Prevention Toolkit

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INFORM's Community Waste Prevention Toolkit is a resource that can help community leaders and grassroots environmental organizations across the US design and implement effective solid waste prevention programs in their towns and cities. The toolkit contains:

  1. An Overview: What Is Waste Prevention? What Are Its Benefits?

  2. A step-by-step guide to Implementing a Waste Prevention Program in Your Community, based on INFORM's New York City Solid Waste Prevention Initiative

  3. Collecting Information About Local Waste Prevention Policies and Practices: Eight key questions to consider when planning a waste prevention initiative in your community

  4. A Model Executive Order mandating waste prevention purchasing and practices in local government offices and other public institutions: A Summary of New York City's Mayoral Directive #96-2

  5. Purchasing for Waste Prevention: Ten key strategies that local government offices and other public institutions can implement to improve the efficiency, environmental performance, and economics of their operations

  6. Trash Busters: Case Studies of Government-Sponsored Waste Prevention Programs

  7. Fact sheets on minimizing waste and pollution from five important waste streams:
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